Miramichi Flash showcases outstanding flash fiction from writers across the globe. We publish marvels of compression —words that are handpicked, with sumptuous imagery and emotional resonance, stories that paint a picture of the human experience in a brief ordinary moment— work that represents the best that the flash fiction genre has to offer today.

Miramichi Flash, a monthly column of The Miramichi Reader, curates flash fiction with a Canadian bent (sensibility). Our emphasis is on Canadian flash fiction – Canadian sensibility/aesthetic/content and Canadian writers. International submissions are welcome with this consideration in mind.

We seek outstanding flash fiction that has been previously published in the finest journals, magazines, collections and anthologies to showcase — literary flash fiction under 500 words (no fan fiction, non-fiction; no vignettes or poetry).

Submissions are accepted 2 x year: January 1-7 and May 1-7.
Please note: work received outside of these two submission periods will not be read or acknowledged.

Currently we are only interested in previously published work. Our aim is to give noteworthy flash fiction an expanded reach and audience across Canada.

Please read through the Miramichi Flash Archive to familiarize yourself with the kind of flash fiction we publish.

Please send only one flash fiction at a time to: flashmiramichi (at) gmail (dot) com

Address your BRIEF cover letter to Karen Schauber, Curator/Editor:

  • Attach one flash fiction in doc or docx. 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced, no indents.
    Include your Name, Email, City, and Word Count at the top left-hand corner of the first page.
  • In the same document, Include the complete URL of the original publication at the end of your flash fiction piece.
  • In the same document, include your Bio 75-100 words (max) after the URL.
  • In the same document, include a 5-10 word (max) description of your story, after your Bio.
  • You must include the URL of the original publication of your piece, or if in print, the Title (in full) of the publication, its copyright date (indicating it is a print publication), OR, you may attach a photo/jpeg of the publication’s table of contents (TOC), listing your name and flash fiction in the magazine/anthology print publication, to your email.
  • Attach your Author Photo (head and shoulders) jpeg to the email.
  • Please write your full name and title of your flash fiction as your ‘file/doc‘ name (i.e. JANE DOE – War and Peace), and, write your full name on each of your attachments i.e. photo, images.
  • Email Subject line: Your Name in Caps and Title of flash fiction – (i.e. JANE DOE – War and Peace)
  • Response Time: Your submission will receive a response within 4-6 weeks (usually sooner).
    We do not read or acknowledge submissions received outside of the submission periods.***
  • Note: The Miramichi Reader does not publish work that includes racism/misogyny/vulgarity/profanity/religious or political fervour.
  • Note: We do not edit your submission before publication, so please check it thoroughly before submitting. (Write your full name on your ‘file/doc‘ and the title of your flash fiction).
  • Please ensure that all your material is complete before sending it all together in one email to: flashmiramichi (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Send us only your best-published flash fiction***
  • Sample Submission
  • We look forward to receiving your submission.


By submitting to Miramichi Flash you are granting us the non-exclusive right to publish/archive your work online at Copyright always remains with the writer.